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Games Magazine Best Party Game of the year 2007/2008

Games Magazine Best Party Game 2008
GiftTRAP wins GAMES Magazine’s “Best Party Game of the year 2007/2008”

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The game for the gift giving savvy

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Puts your gifts to the test!

GiftTRAP is the hilarious new game that’s taking the gaming world by storm and putting the social back into board games.

The goal is to really get to know your friends and family.

You win by knowing your friends and choosing the right gifts, but most of all it’s just fun to play and gets you talking about things that matter.

  • 3-8 Players, 5+
  • Playtime 45-75 mins
  • Learn in 10 mins
A sample of gifts from the GiftTRAP gift guide
  • 1 full size game board
  • 640 Gift Ideas
  • Rules
  • 8 Organza Gift Bags containing; scoring markers, gift & choice tokens plus advanced strategy cards
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Love to play Trivial Pursuit, Cranium or Apples to Apples - You will love this family party game.

GiftTRAP is all the fun of Secret Santa without needing to shop or wrap.


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A ride in an F-16 It's the perfect hostess gift Gift Ideas

A ride in an F-16
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Submitted by cocorowe

A 45 minute ride in an F-16 fighter jet. Lots of stunts and er… puking!

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