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The Gifts are on us!

PRINT this page. CUT out the gifts below with scissors! You’ll also need these rules, and then you can PLAY.

It’s a great taster. GiftTRAP is the first game to put your gift giving savvy to the test. The best way to experience the fun is to play. That’s why we made it FREE. As a taster!

It’s not the full game and a homemade game can’t compare to the great experience of playing an heirloom quality party game like GiftTRAP. With no lavish organza gift bags to fight over, no double sided gift cards, cute little gift boxes or chunky gift tokens we believe there is plenty left for you to look forward to. Why not see if you agree. Just print, cut and play!

Try this sample card game and then BUY the real thing. It’s been getting rave REVIEWS and is also featured at Boardgamegeek.com

Tell us what you think or even submit you own rules and derivations here There will be a prize for the best rules. We’ve called the card game The GiftTRAP Experience. It’s a working title. Can you think of a better name? Tell us!

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If you register and login you can see 600+ gifts. Here are just a small sample.

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