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Games Magazine Best Party Game of the year 2007/2008

Games Magazine Best Party Game 2008
GiftTRAP wins GAMES Magazine’s “Best Party Game of the year 2007/2008”

What's the idea?

The game for the gift giving savvy

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Puts your gifts to the test!

GiftTRAP is the hilarious new game that’s taking the gaming world by storm and putting the social back into board games.

The goal is to really get to know your friends and family.

You win by knowing your friends and choosing the right gifts, but most of all it’s just fun to play and gets you talking about things that matter.

  • 3-8 Players, 5+
  • Playtime 45-75 mins
  • Learn in 10 mins
A sample of gifts from the GiftTRAP gift guide
  • 1 full size game board
  • 640 Gift Ideas
  • Rules
  • 8 Organza Gift Bags containing; scoring markers, gift & choice tokens plus advanced strategy cards
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Love to play Trivial Pursuit, Cranium or Apples to Apples - You will love this family party game.

GiftTRAP is all the fun of Secret Santa without needing to shop or wrap.


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California Edition - On Sale Now

Creative Commons Fund Raiser Holiday Promotion

During December 2007 you can purchase either;

Individual games can be shipped only to Canada and the USA.  We can ship cases of 8 games to any location in the world.

  • Buying one game is fun for yourself and your immediate friends and family.
  • Buying a case can solve all your gift giving challenges in one single purchase.

GiftTRAP has chosen to support Creative Commons due to that fact that we leverage CC licensing in our game.

Click here to buy your copy of this unique limited edition award winning game.

To find our more about GiftTRAP and creative commons you can read the “Featured Commoner” interview here or check out or home page

This offer only applies to the new GiftTRAP California Edition which is both bilingual and family friendly.

PS We were asked why we give less per copy to CC for 8 games (a case) than for 1. The simple answer is we wanted to offer an incentive for people to buy cases. We thought $100 as a donation was better than $15. To keep it simple we’ve put in a flat shipping rate anywhere across the US or Canada. It’s easier to ship cases - hence the incentive.  hope that makes sense. We want to help raise money for CC and thought people would probably buy single games unless their was an incentive. Not everyone knows GiftTRAP has won “Best Party Game of the Year”

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GiftTRAP gets "Californian" makeover

We’ve taken GiftTRAP, winner of “Best Party Game of the Year” and blended it with 180 of the best Californian gifts ideas, ensuring it still lots of fun to play with friends and family from all around the world. 

“GiftTRAP California” celebrates the diversity of experience and products available across California. You can be sure of some fun conversations with friends and family providing that while picking real gifts often proves to be traumatic; giving virtual gifts and finding out how people really feel is heaps of fun.

The game features many of the classic tourist destinations, but we’ve also searched out some of the more eclectic Californian experiences.

GiftTRAP includes many images licensed via Creative Commons.  The images are sourced from and from The California version was inspired to celebrate the diversity of tourist destinations, goods and services available in California and includes the 85 photos from 65 Californian photographers.

The game is 100% family focussed, its also bilingual (English/Spanish) which seems a perfect fit in California where 1 person in 4 speaks Spanish at home.

GiftTRAP English/French

Here’s some examples of the gift ideas in San Francisco and surrounding areas that are featured in the game;

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

To see all the gift ideas included in the California Edition check out these links

Black $$$$ Ultimate Gifts,
Blue $$$ Expensive Gifts,
Red $$ Idea Gifts or
Yellow $ Real Gifts

Want to see all the Californian gift ideas?

Click here to see all 180 Californian gift ideas - the game consists of a total of 640 gift ideas.

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Californian Photographers featured in GiftTRAP California

Here’s a list of 65 Californians featured in the game;

  1. Mai Le, CA, USA
  2. Aaron Muszalski, CA, USA
  3. Adrian Sampson, Claremont, CA, USA
  4. Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, CA, USA
  5. Alex Kehr, CA, USA
  6. Amy Mew, CA, USA
  7. Andrew Ratto, CA, USA
  8. Angela, Oakland, CA, USA
  9. Annie Wong, CA, USA
  10. Art Poskanzer, CA, USA
  11. Bala, CA, USA
  12. Betsy Fletcher, CA, USA
  13. Bev Sykes, CA, USA
  14. Bobby, CA, USA
  15. Brian Beaver, Los Angles, CA, USA
  16. Brian Reed, CA, USA
  17. Bryce Edwards, CA, USA
  18. Chuck Martinez, CA, USA
  19. David Gallagher, CA, USA
  20. Dennis Majado, CA, USA
  21. Dolan Halbrook, San Francisco, CA, USA
  22. Eric Chan, CA, USA
  23. Erik Charlton, CA, USA
  24. Ernesto Andrade, CA, USA
  25. Ewen & Donabel Roberts, San Diego, CA, US
  26. Gilbert Ronduen, San Diego, CA, USA
  27. Greg O’Connell, CA, USA
  28. Gypsy Rock, CA, USA
  29. Ingorrr, CA, USA
  30. J Avnet, CA, USA
  31. J.R. Goleno, Ventura, CA, USA
  32. Jef Poskanzer, CA, USA
  33. Jere, CA, USA
  34. Jessica Merz, CA, USA
  35. Jim Epler, CA, USA
  36. Joel Krauska, CA, USA
  37. Joy Coffman, CA, USA
  38. Justin Taylor, CA, USA
  39. Kevin Collins, Fremont, CA, USA
  40. Kevin Tostado, San Diego, CA, USA
  41. Lana, CA, USA
  42. Laura Hertzfeld, CA, USA
  43. Lauren Wallace, CA, US
  44. Lisa M Wolf, Corona,CA, USA
  45. Luke Broering, CA, USA
  46. Maggie, CA, USA
  47. Martin Hofmann, CA, USA
  48. Marya, CA, USA
  49. Mat Honan, CA, USA
  50. Matt Knoth, Ca, USA
  51. Michael Karshis, CA, USA
  52. Mike Baird, CA, USA
  53. Naotake Murayama, CA, USA
  54. Owen Byrne, CA, USA
  55. Peter Kaminski, CA, USA
  56. Raymond Shobe, CA, USA
  57. Robin D, CA, USA
  58. Ron Parker, CA, USA
  59. Ryan Arestegui, CA, USA
  60. Simon Shek, CA, USA
  61. Steve Jurvetson, Menlo Park, CA, USA
  62. Straitjacket Society, Hollywood, CA, USA
  63. Tom Hilton, CA, USA
  64. Vlad Butsky, CA, USA
  65. Woolennium, CA, USA

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